Oracle expert team

Our Mission

Company’s mission is to enable clients to improve their business through the implementation of information technology solutions of Oracle company, which is world leader in business informatics.

Why Oracle?

Besides the fact that for several decades Oracle dominates the global market of relational databases, today it has the most complete and the best integrated range of software and hardware solutions. With a broad spectrum of top-quality products and services, Oracle is emerging as an ideal platform for IT strategy implementation in any larger organization. On the other hand, large number of products and solutions may be the main obstacle in achieving optimal IT solutions because it is hard for any organization to constantly monitor their rapid development and expansion. An optimal selection and integration of right products, solutions and services is of tremendous importance for achieving business goals of any organization.

Why Parallel?

For more than twenty years Parallel is focused on specializing in the growing range of Oracle products, starting from Database Servers, development tools and Fusion Middleware infrastructure, through E-Business Suite, Fusion Application and Enterprise Content Management solutions to Data Warehousing tools, Business Intelligence tools and solutions. We help our customers in all aspects of using Oracle products: ICT architecture design phase, smart choice of right technology products and services, their procurement, installation and integration, designing and implementation of solutions, training, technical support, administration, as well as all forms of consulting, either technical or business-functional.

Our team is composed of a balanced mix of youth and experience – from the experts with European reputation who are working with Oracle products since 1986, to the young masters who are just born that year.

Smart Solutions

Information technology projects are expensive ones, especially if they are executing in a conventional way „as everybody do it“. Working with our clients, we always seek for innovative manner to satisfy their needs in the most rational way. When a procurement of software licenses, hardware, communication services, maintenance and administration is concerned, a typical saving which we achieve is generally higher than a total cost of our services related to the project. This is achieved by a careful analysis of user needs, excellent knowledge of interrelationships of all system components, and development of low-cost substitute for unnecessarily expensive components.

An example is the Parallel Storage - a device that combines a 18TB iSCSI storage operating under Oracle Automatic Storage Management and Clusterware system with spare Oracle Database Server, at a price that is 10 to 20 times lower than the price of a typical storage server, eliminating the need for a backup unit and the backup database server (for small and medium-sized database server). At the same time, its performance and reliability fully meets the needs of archiving scanned and multimedia content.


You can contact Parallel if you want to purchase licenses, technical support and training courses for all Oracle products. Our expert can help you about the choise which solution is the best for your company, make optimal licensing for you, and configure the necessary hardware.

Parallel Storage

iSCSI ili NFS, 18TB SATA, 2x1Gbit LAN, Oracle ASM & Clusterware, the backup server for your Oracle software (Database, Fusion Middleware)

ERP Pulls

The first commercial version of Pulls has been released in 1997. It has been engineered using Designer 2000 and generated in Forms and Reports, client-server environment. Pulls was primarily intended for usage in production and wholesales companies, and later on, the module for operational support of utility companies has been developed and implemented The current functional upgrading of Pulls is concentrated on needs of utility services companies Oracle BI tools has been successfully implemented in the most advanced production company using Pulls The modules of Pulls are completely integrated and operate in real time, so that business users using it have accurate data in practically every moment. Pulls comprises of more than one thousand of database tables and several thousands of forms and modules. It operates in client-server and 3-tier environments and is successfully integrated with Oracle e-Business Suite for a big user of Oracle apps operating in the utility industry.

Click here for more information -> ERP Pulls

Oracle Database

Oracle Database is licensed in Enterprise editions, Standard, Standard One and free Express. For all editions (except Enterprise) is required the strong hardware on which they can be installed. Licenses are granted for a number of persons or devices that can access the database (Named User), or by the CPU core (CPU), and both types of licenses have defined minimums depending on the edition. With Enterprise Edition, you can license the following options:

Oracle Database can be automatically configured for OLTP, OLAP, or for universal purpose. Each edition has full support for working with special data types and objects (XML, Text, Multimedia, RDF, etc.). Each edition has free gains:

For special purposes are available:

Oracle Fusion Middleware

Application Grid

Complete the middle layer to execute web applications, composed of the best products on the market:

Oracle Business Intelligence Tools & Technology

Set of tools and technologies for queries and analysis, reporting, dashboard and scorecard views, composed of the best products on the market:

Oracle Business Process Management

Set of tools and technology for modeling business processes, BPEL and SOA development, system integration, business activity monitoring, and participant interaction process:

Oracle Beehive

Communication and collaborative solution that combines e-mail, instant messaging, conferencing and other benefits for working in a team. Oracle Beehive is based on SOA (service-oriented) architecture and supports a variety of client applications such as Microsoft Outlook, and can coexist on legacy servers like Microsoft Exchange. Users which use Beehive is going to reduce costs in the development and administration because it is designed to provide the highest level of management and security.

Universal Content Management

UCM is a group of processes and technologies that support the collection, management and publication of information in any form and shape, but primarily in digital content. Solutions that are included in the Oracle Universal Content Management are:

WebCenter Content Management

Using Oracle WebCenter, customers may at any time and from anywhere access to desired information and applications. Integrated parts of the WebCenter Content Management are:

Data Integration

Data Integration is a tool that combines all the elements of data integration (real-time transmission, transformation, synchronization and management) from a variety of sources in order to make them unified and transparent. Functional groups that fall under the Data Integration are:

Java Techologies & Development Tools


Identity Management

Identity Management 11g is the best solution for identity management in the organization. This category is divided into three main functional areas:

Oracle Communications Service Delivery

The set of components that provide delivery services (such as creation or session control and protocol) architecture for a particular type of service. Oracle Communications Service Delivery is consisting of:

Oracle Applications

Oracle Fusion Applications

Oracle Fusion Applications consists of seven groups of applications, including:

Oracle E-Business Suite

EBS consists of a collection of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and SCM (Supply Chain Management) applications that have been developed or owned by Oracle. E-Business Suite contains a large number of functional groups, of which the most important are:


CRM solution is useful for companies that want to organize and maximally improve the structure of their data. Siebel CRM provides a combination of transactional and analytical features with the aim to easily manage all operations that users are faced with.

Hyperion Financial Performance Management

Performance Management represents a set of processes for the analysis and management that allow the management team of a company to achieve its goals on time. Some of Oracle Hyperion Performance Management applications are:

Primavera Enterprise Project Portfolio Management

Primavera is a set of software used for project management. Primavera includes:

Oracle Security

Oracle Database Vault

With implementation of Database Vault, administrators can no longer read the data in the database. There are just few users with the privilege and right to read tha data (eg. only director can read certain data). With Database Vault is also introduced a separation of duties and restriction of administrators rights. It is possible to set up complex control of access based on IP address, access times, ...

Oracle Advanced Security

Sensitive data are encrypted in the database, and with the key they are kept in a secure location, so if the data are pooled from database their are unreadable (unusable). When ecpryption is on the level of colons the data are encrypted even in the memory, which leads to greater data protection. The key is possible to store in Oracle Wallet or HSM.

Oracle Data Masking

Oracle Data Masking is a package for Enterprise Manager. It is focused on masking data, ie. changing the real data values with realistic values. In this way, the data do not lose their shape, so developers can on realistic data to test the software.

Oracle Audit Vault

Storing data of the activities of users and administrators in a safe manner in a separate database. In this way, administrators can edit this data. Beside this, Audit Vault enables automated drafting of the report (adapted to most existing standards such as PCI DSS, SOX ...), and it greatly facilitates the review of these (audit) data.

Oracle Database Firewall

Oracle Database Firewall allows filtering of SQL statements, and blocking those that are unknown to him. It is possible to create complex policies, which are finely define rules for passing / blocking SQL expressions. Also, it is possible to automatically generate reports for most standards (PCI DSS, SOX ...).

Oracle Identity Analytics

A tool that allows you to meet the regulations. Securely automates and streamlines the processes for the introduction of various regulations (eg, PCI DSS) and aligns them with business needs while reducing costs. Manages the entire lifecycle roll (detection, maintenance, certification roll), certification approach and enables the implementation of policies of segregation of duties. Performs auditing in order to identify violation of existing policies. It is very well integrated with Oracle Identity Manager ™. There are very sophisticated and comprehensive system to create reports.

Oracle Identity Manager

Very flexible and scalable system for managing identities. It controls user accounts and privileges to access in a centralized manner. Oracle Identity Manager provides a general answer to the question of who has the right to access, where, when, how and why? There are very sophisticated and comprehensive system to create reports. Performs provisioning user in the system.

Oracle Adaptive Access Manager

Stronger system for checking the user identity. Sophisticated risk analysis which provides information and different actions in real time (the time the system can prompt the user to perform an activity in order to prove their identity). Tracking user habits and these habits to adapt the system (the system alarms and / or block the execution in case of suspicious activities).

Oracle Access Manager

The single log on for web applications (when a user logs into one account, it can access all the web applications that have the right of access).

Parallel Storage

All users who need large space for warehousing the multimedia, archives, and other content in Oracle databases, and that does not need the maximum access speed, Parallel Storage represents an economically NAS solution. Beside that, it is possible to work mirroring of normal database content without the need for duplication of expensive disk drives, while at the same time, not losing the reading speed of the recorded data. All the usual features of an intelligent NAS are working through the Oracle Automatic Storage Management, so the database administrator do not have to learn new tools. In addition, this solution is extremely cost-effective, on Parallel Storage is instaled backup Oracle Database server and other necessary oracle technology components (Fusion Middleware), so that in case of a failure of the primary server it is possible to immediately resume work at reduced speed.

Administration and Support

We provide remote and field support services in the administration of Oracle database and application servers.


We analyze your business processes, give advice for their optimization and provide application software to automate optimized processes.

Administration and Support


Parallel developed services for remote administration of Oracle Server databases and applications.
Parallel regularly monitors the performance of the system in order to predict the possibilities that the system becomes inoperable or to operate with reduced performance, and with the approval of the user take all necessary corrective actions.
Support services and administration are provided 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Support Services

How Support Works?

The user can choose remote (remote) or on-site (physical) access to their servers by Parallel, while granting the right of direct remote access servers enables more quality and cheaper support for both parties.
If the user for some reason can not allow direct access to their servers, remote access to the system can be provided and by granting rights to the remote control of a user's workstation (remote desktop), where, as the local console, Parallel can access to its servers by user monitoring. In consultation with clients, we together select the appropriate approach. Performing support is not limited to the type of remote access.

Web application "Parallel Support" is a user interface with a ticketing system that support customers in an efficient manner and documented in the shortest possible time providing support services for systems based on Oracle technologies for 24 hours.

References in the field of system support and administration of Oracle Servers:

Business Intelligence

As a member of the Oracle BI Community, Parallel at any moment can provide you all the necessary services related to analytical reporting:


We help you to establish a clear structure in the body of the organization or a unit in order to reach a better BI solutions for your company.

Creation of BI solutions

BI solutions are based on OBI (Oracle Business Intelligence) platform and as such are highly flexible, scalable, easy to use and tailored to the end user. With them you will have a complete set of BI capabilities: reporting, query and analysis, performance management and data integration.


In accordance with the contract you make with Parallel when implementing BI solutions we offer you the support which can be on-site (at your company) or remotely (via VPN or other secure connection at a distance).

End user training

As additional training, Parallel organizes numerous courses and workshops for the end users who will promote and facilitate the work over to completed BI solution.

Database Consulting

We offer the following consulting services for your Oracle database:

IT Security Consulting

Security analysis of information systems

Security analysis of information systems, carried out by Parallel IT Security Consulting, made from certified experts in the field of protection, includes consideration of the information system in terms of its security. The subject of analysis are security policies and procedures implemented protection mechanisms, as well as the Oracle database. As a result of the analysis of your company, you will receive a report on existing security vulnerabilities and risks, as well as suggestions of ways in which it is possible to increase the level of system security.

Designing of security architecture

Parallel IT Security Consulting can offer the service of designing the security architecture for your information system. During the process of designing the security architecture, our internationally recognized experts apply best practice solutions and standardized methodology in the field of protection (eg. SABS Framework). This service may include the development of security policies and procedures.

Implementation of Oracle security solutions

Our team of certified experts carried out the implementation of Oracle security solutions. Also, this service includes the development phase of the plan of introducing security solutions. Implementation time depends on the precise systems and solutions that are selected.

Maintaining Oracle security solutions

The security of the system is a continuous procces.

Training in the field of information systems security

Training is conducted by certified instructors who were engaged in carrying out security training both at home and abroad.

Training services are offered in two forms:

Additional information and answers to issues related to IT Security Consulting you can get if you send email to:

The first oracle Security Day was held on 15/11/2011 in Belgrade, organized by Asseco SEE, Parallel and Oracle. You can view and download the presentation, titled "The technical aspects of the implementation of Oracle Database Vault and Database Firewall" via this LINK.


Training Center

Parallel is a member of the Oracle University and performs professional training for several professional profile for Oracle system users in Serbia and the region. Training leads to valuable Oracle certification in the field of Oracle technology.

Training services include:

Programs are carried out in accordance with the standards of training prescribed by the Oracle Corporation and include:

On the day 03.04.2017 following course will start :

  • Oracle Database 12c Administration Workshop D78846GC20, 5 days

  • Additional information and answers to issues related to courses you get if you send an email to:


    Slika ucionice

    Quality Policy

    As evidence of commitment top management has established Policy of Integrated Management System (IMS) which includes a policy of quality, policy of management services and policy of information security.

    Continuous improvement of product quality and service, design, delivery and improvement of IT services, protection of information assets of all internal, external, intentionally or accidental threats are continually commitment of all Parallel employees, which is achieved by:


    Human Resources

    Parallel mainly employs intelligent and hardworking people, eager for professional development. All new employees go through several months of training and get the opportunity to immediately gain practical experience on tasks and projects with the latest technology and methodology, with the best experts in the country. By that time everyone gets a chance to for just two or three years become a renowned expert with numerous professional references and certificates, which naturally accompany and high income. Although the intensity of work with us is very high, a survey among our employees showed that all in the business of finding great pleasure, because their work is interesting and challenging, and our interpersonal relations are great.

    About Us

    Parallel was founded in late 1992 with the mission to provide high quality services in ingineering, consulting, training and support of Oracle users.
    Among the founders are the people with over twenty years of experience in use of the Oracle software systems and extensive knowledge of Oracle Corporation where they were at the high positions.
    Parallel is a Gold Partner of Oracle Corporation with three specializations: Oracle Database 11g, Oracle Business Intelligence Foundation i Java Platform – Standard Edition 5/6. Parallel is the member of the Oracle BI Community and authorized center for professional training.

    The primary services which we provide are:

    Parallel employs a team of experts, whose basis is a group of certified trainers for Oracle technologies, and engage a wide range of external collaborators.


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